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Únete a Della Vita Life Water

Estamos en plena expansión, necesitamos aumentar nuestro equipo de Ventas
. Facilidad de expresión
. Disponibilidad inmediata
. Proactivo y organizado
. Bilingüe (español-inglés)
. Automóvil propio
. Ingreso promedio mensual $4,500
. Comisiones
. Bonos por producción – Bonos por captación
. Capacitación – Desarrollo gerencial
. Premios y viajes

Por favor envíe su resume a:

También puede llamar al teléfono (713) 937-3173
para concertar una entrevista
No es MLM (multinivel) – Ud. empieza a ganar en el entrenamiento

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Overhead view of office staff looking to camera
Urmarketeam Inc. is now hiring Sales Representatives

image001Primary Duties and Responsibilities:
Conduct needs-based selling by using non-scripted probing techniques to determine customer needs and to offer the most appropriate product or service to address their needs.
Maintain broad knowledge of products, pricing, promotions, procedures, and other important issues.
Responsible for maximizing sales opportunities.
Listen attentively to customer needs and concerns; demonstrate empathy while maximizing opportunity to build rapport with the customer.
Clarify customer requirements; probe for and confirm understanding of requirements or problem.
Provide answers and/or advice to customers based on their particular requirements and customer profile.

10806330_555684957900568_880498672170760006_nCandidate Profile:
Must be bilingual Spanish & English in speaking, reading, and writing
Strong sales closure techniques and confidence in products.
Courteous with strong customer service orientation
Strong communication, multi-tasking, negotiation skills required

Ability to remain calm under pressure and work in a concise, clear and focused manner
Ability to work as a team member, as well as independently
Must have their vehicle and maintain a working phone

Education and Experience:
High school diploma or equivalent experience. One year of sales experience preferred.

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Great Job Opportunity:
We are looking for bilingual people who want to join our SALES TEAM

(This is not MLM, nor does it require inversion).

We offer:
Base pay, Commissions, Great bonuses, Trips, Ongoing training and support, Sales material provided

job 2Requirements:

Must provide own vehicle, cell phone, and internet service
Ability to communicate well over the phone and via email
Have excellent English and Spanish language skills.
Prior sales experience not necessary
Full-time availability.


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A business team of three sitting in office and planning work

Increase your sales – and your happiness – by forming winning habits that set you up for achievement.


Start putting these habits into play to improve your performance and generate more revenue.
  • Practice Empathy: Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of others. It is crucial to sales success. So, commit yourself to empathizing in personal and professional interactions. Do this often enough and it will become habit. You’ll be able to better understand your clients’ pain points, needs and objectives; this will help you develop better solutions that earn you client loyalty and more sales.
Confident businesswoman explaining something to colleagues at meeting
Urpromoproducts Team – Houston, Texas
  • Constantly Strive To Improve: Upper echelon performers in every field always work to get better. Do the same. Look to learn from more senior sales pros. Look to younger reps, too, for new perspectives. Seek insights from quality sales videos, articles and seminars produced by reputable sources. Most importantly, analyze your own performance. After each interaction with a client and prospect, question how you could have performed better. If you do this when calls go poorly and when they go well, you’re bound to improve your bottom line.
  • Maintain a Strong and Steady Work Ethic: High-achieving sales reps are consistent in their business efforts. Strategic and persistent, they routinely apply the methods and work habits that lead to success, always resisting the temptation to slack off. “With consistency in your work habits, you’re more apt to be motivated, hopeful and have enough deals in your pipeline to keep your sales levels where you want them to be,” says Jonathan M. Bell, author of Suddenly Successful.
  • Train Your Brain To Focus On The Positive: Be forward-thinking, focusing your attention on goals and the practical steps needed to achieve them. Start building this sunny outlook by being more mindful of your thought monologue. Catch those negative thoughts as they creep in and then reform them into positive ones. Turn, for instance, “This prospect is just going to buy from the Internet” into “I have a good plan for bringing value to this client that will encourage him to order from me.” A positive outlook will strengthen your confidence, which will radiate to prospects, making it more likely that they will order from you.
  • Plan Your Day, Every Day: Writing down what you aim to accomplish in the day significantly increases the chances those things will get done. Prioritize the list, putting at the top the tasks that must be addressed. You may have to deviate from the list, but starting out with a framework gives you structure, keeps you organized and clarifies where you should be devoting attention. Such focus will make you more productive, enabling you to serve clients better. And superior service directly contributes to stronger sales.
  • Practice Tactful Persistence: Top salespeople are consistently assertive without being aggressive. They pursue the sale with great passion using humor, scheduling follow-up times, bringing added value to the table and always having a valid reason for contacting the prospect. With strategic persistence, they keep client relationships amiable and earn more business.

(source: Advantages -ASI member – by – Houston, Texas)


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