Are you from South America, or do you live there right now? Do you want to invest into a franchise in the US? Consider yourself lucky, for I have found the company made just for you: Globofran.

217_Globofran-Logo Now you are probably wondering, what is Globofran? Globofran is a private consultant that has experts in the selection and negotiation of franchises and US investments for the Latin American investor in and outside the United States. Wondering how you will be able to work here? Globofran provides information, advice and support to undertake successfully, either legally live in North America or generate income in dollars to strengthen your assets wherever you are. They rely on consultants from various different Latin American Countries, which are experienced in various areas of business consulting and franchising. Plus, their team is almost entirely multilingual so they can meet the needs of the already enormous number of international customers.

They will allow you to undertake a successful franchise which will bring you immense revenue and permit you to live legally in the US. But they don’t only do that, they will also allow you to take part in a project or investment business, without having to emigrate from your country! Overall, I think this is an amazing company that you should check out.

26874823293_0c1b71ec5a_bIf you have any doubts or questions about this company, I recommend you to attend the Globofran Conference on June 14th with the expert of it all, Ma. Gabriela Castillo.

Don’t forget! June 14th, 10:00am @ Hilton Garden Inn Houston Energy Corridor.

GLOBOFRAN – Franchises and opportunities of investment in USA and Latin America

“When oil prices are low, Houston’s economy grows.When oil prices are high, Houston’s economy booms.”

houston facts

Houston named America’s No. 1


  1. It’s got the jobs. Houston is the No. 1 city for job creation in the U.S., by a lot.


  1. Houston is home to more Fortune 500 company headquarters than anywhere in America except for New York.
  2. It hosts the world’s largest concentration of healthcare organizations, with scientists working hard to beat cancer.


  1. It’s one of the centers of America’s lucrative oil and gas industry.


  1. Massive international trade gives another big jobs boost to the rapidly growing city.


  1. Houston is called Space City for a reason. It’s home of the NASA Astronaut Corps.


  1. Houston recently passed New York to become the most ethnically and racially diverse city in the U.S.


  1. Houston’s got more parks than any other top-10 metropolitan area.


  1. The combination of the University of Houston and Rice University means there are a bunch of smart people around.


  1. Houston has one of the largest rodeos in the world.





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betirri_profile_001Betirri Bengtson was born in Puebla, the same place considered as the birthplace of the Mole Poblano, a world-renowned Mexican sauce; however, Mr. Bengtson is not known precisely for his culinary skills, but his Art and Paintings. To make a living, this former Architecture student started to combine his love for Art with his other passion: Fútbol.

Since he came to Houston from Mexico almost 18 years ago, he brought his country’s passion for soccer and turned it into artwork. His intriguing and surrealist paintings depict bodiless soccer players. He takes the viewer to a different dimension through imagination. People can see the motion of the players, identify themselves with their team’s T-shirt, hear fans cheering; in other words, viewers can feel intensely the essence of the game.Dynamo-vs-Chivas-USA

According to Mr. Bengtson, the Houston’s diverse culture has allowed him to flourish as an artist. “I didn’t feel the pressure I would have if I were in New York living as an artist. Here you have more opportunities, more freedom to do what you want. I think Houston has become a great city”.

Manchesters-low-resNow, he wants to leave a footprint in the soccer world through his Art. His goal is to depict every World Cup, as well as other soccer tournaments such as the UEFA European Championship and La Copa America.

– Milagros Almeida (writer- contributor)


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