Mihaela Noroc Photography

Photographer from Romania, the author of an unique project -The Atlas of Beauty-. She travels and captures the natural and diverse beauty around the world.

I photographed women in 37 countries, but there are more faces on earth to be discovered.

Your support is really important because it will help me reach more places of the earth and show more diversity of our amazing planet. Our world really needs an Atlas of Beauty and we can create it together.

What is The Atlas of Beauty

First of all, let me introduce myself: I’m Mihaela Noroc, a 29 years old photographer from Romania. In the past 2 years I traveled around the world, with my own small savings, photographing hundreds of women and creating a project called The Atlas of Beauty.

My goal is to show that beauty is everywhere and is not about race, money or trends, but more about being yourself, natural and authentic.

Today more and more women feel a pressure to look in a certain way, but I think we are beautiful, if we treasure what makes us unique.

The Atlas of Beauty became viral on the internet and major publications, from all around the world, wrote about it. Now I have the chance to make my statement heard so it’s very important to continue my project.

19333-R3L8T8D-900-different-countries-women-portrait-photography-michaela-noroc-5-moscow-russiaI have to travel at least one year to gather enough images for publishing a comprehensive Atlas, but I really need your support to do this journey.

19345-R3L8T8D-900-I-photographed-women-from-37-countries-to-show-that-beauty-is-everywhere16__880I plan to visit all continents, except Antarctica, and I will make my exact route based on your votes. I will go in both modern and traditional countries. I will cover different kind of environments from cities, villages and remote areas to show the diversity of our planet, through portraits of women.

19349-R3L8T8D-900-I-photographed-women-from-37-countries-to-show-that-beauty-is-everywhere7__880Now millions of people will see my photos and together we can send a powerful message to the world. We can show that beauty is in our differences and we should all be proud of ourselves.

Now that I reached the funding goal, I can cover the expenses listed above. 

But more funds I raise, more countries and diversity I will capture. The extra funds are essential for the quality of the project and for the film of the journey so each contribution is still very important, until the last day of the campaign. 

19340-R3L8T8D-900-I-photographed-women-from-37-countries-to-show-that-beauty-is-everywhere10__880With your support, I will study more areas of the world.

I will buy a dedicated video camera and microphone.  The documentary will be very authentic and realistic, but it still needs investments.

19351-R3L8T8D-900-I-photographed-women-from-37-countries-to-show-that-beauty-is-everywhere9__880I will also be able to offer more support when visiting communities in need.

Sometime I will be able to rent a car to go in more remote places.

20150315121000-2eThe Impact of the project

The Atlas of Beauty has been featured in major publications of the world. This coverage offers us the opportunity to send our message to more people.


But this is just the beginning. If I will have your support I will capture much more diversity. Together we will continue to show that beauty means to be yourself, to be proud of your roots, to cultivate what you have, instead of being disappointed about something that you don’t have.

Beauty is in our differences and uniqueness. Now I’m saying it trough words, but if I will have your support, I will “say” it better through my photos.

19350-R3L8T8D-900-I-photographed-women-from-37-countries-to-show-that-beauty-is-everywhere8__880-1Risks and challenges

In my previous journey I had dangerous moments, hard days of working, exhausting routes, unfriendly viruses, but I will do it again, with all my passion. This time I will have more experience and more confidence, knowing that wonderful people from all around the world are supporting me.

19347-R3L8T8D-900-I-photographed-women-from-37-countries-to-show-that-beauty-is-everywhere18__880Other ways you can help

Any contribution is important and will help me to continue. But you can also support me by sharing my story with your friends and letting the world know about The Atlas of Beauty Campaign.

19343-R3L8T8D-900-I-photographed-women-from-37-countries-to-show-that-beauty-is-everywhere14__880-1Together we can show to the world that beauty is everywhere. Thank you very much for your support!

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We have a dry spot waiting for you….

11846569_1656715014543963_6779412233504929915_nThis isn’t a trick. Real life can be this beautiful.

Hot or cold, we have you covered. Our iced coffee goes through an overnight cold-brew steeping process to ensure the bean is never heated, which yields a smooth body with little bitterness. Every drop is worth the effort!

10464141_1510702979145168_2453202974607831014_nSkies are clear, the coffee is fresh, and we run breakfast and lunch all day. Ease into your weekend.

It’s brunch time!!!! You have 2 1/2 more hours to come and get this beauty of a brunch dish!!! French toast with praline bacon, bananas foster, and house-made whipped cream! Mmmmm….YUM!!

You know you want to come and see us today!!

300 Main St

Houston, Texas

(281) 846-6995



Just great food as nature provides it.

11703449_921817557879656_9123915764616806353_oThis amazing nature centered restaurant is created by chef Randy Rucker after his famous creation of a restaurant Rootsie’s. His menus are executed with his love for Third Coast cuisine and produce, while keeping a fun and relaxing atmosphere right down to the design that reflects the restaurants roots.

11693987_930518220342923_1499515928509169547_nTheir vivid menu is almost changing daily to fit within the tastes of the wonderful chefs and the ingredients that speak to them the most. They have various small and large dishes and their open kitchen is based around a live fire and their patio is a dream, where each chef tends to their own herbs and spices. Bramble even has their own vinegar and pickling programs and many other modern advancements.

11022546_1656583447921076_4283380709941934933_oWhy don’t you try this amazing tasteful restaurant today?


Hours: Monday-Saturday, 4-10pm,

Last Seating at 10pm


2231 S. Voss RD

Houston, TX 77057




– Daniella Garcia-Loos (writer-contributor)

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Houston Arboretum & Nature Center

Wouldn’t you want to experience nature in a calm environment with your family?

This Nature Center is a place to escape the city life and relax.

6This huge 155 acre nature sanctuary provides education about nature for all ages. All the visitors can enjoy over 5 miles of nature trails with interactive exhibits and the Discovery Room with microscopes and touch screens to learn more about the wonders of nature found in this Arboretum.

2Around 1924, this place was declared as a park dedicated to the fallen warriors of WWI, from 1967 to 2000 this park has had many changes to make it into what it is today! Their mission is to provide education about natural environments and enhance this place as a sanctuary for all plants and animals.

I hope you see something you like in the Houston Arboretum and Nature Center!


Houston Arboretum & Nature Center

4501 Woodway Drive

Houston, TX 77024-7708


Phone 713.681.8433

Fax 713.681.1191


– Daniella Garcia-Loos (writer-contributor)

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Get On Board New Bus Network with METRO Board and President/CEO

Historic Service Change Starts Aug. 16, 2015

WHAT:  Members of the media are invited to go along for the ride when METRO begins an exciting new chapter in public transportation for our region. METRO Board members and the president & CEO will be among the first to travel METRO’s New Bus Network, beginning Sunday, Aug. 16, 2015.  This new network forever transforms how people get around, by offering simpler, more frequent routes with better connections and weekend service.

WHEN:  Sunday, Aug. 16, 2015, 9 a.m.

WHERE:  METRO’s Downtown Transit Center, 1900 Main, Houston, Texas 77002

Also beginning Sunday, Aug. 16, 2015, patrons can get information at their fingertips with METRO’s Next Bus Arrival Texting.  Simply text the bus number to a short code and get a text back with bus arrivals in real time or scheduled time.

More Service

Linking you to more destinations. METRO’s New Bus Network improves trips to key activity centers throughout the region and offers the flexibility for growth.

We’re ready for the weekend. Frequent weekend service gives you more freedom to go where you want, when you want- seven days a week.

Better Service

Simpler routes. We’re simplifying our routes with improved connections and fewer branches.

Better connections. With routes that work together, the system gives you more connections to destinations in our region.

Your Service

A sustainable system. We’ve created a network that not only serves our community today, but anticipates the possibility of expansion into tomorrow.

A bus network linking people and places. The frequent bus network connects more than one million people to one million jobs, with shorter wait times for buses.

lt’s all about you. We want to make these improvements to give you the best transit service possible. The most important part of this plan Is YOU.

The Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County (METRO) is the region’s largest public transit provider, offering safe, reliable and affordable transportation services about 370,000 times per day. METRO operates more than 1,200 buses, and METRO’s New Bus Network is coming August, 2015. For a good picture of where we are headed see our new system map.  METRO’s expanded light-rail system includes the Red Line (Main Street and Northline extension), Green Line (East End) and Purple Line (Southeast). Other METRO services include: Star Vanpool, METROLift, HOV lanes, HOT lanes, Bikes-on-Buses/Trains program, Park & Ride, and road improvement projects. Learn more about METRO by visiting ridemetro.org where you can download information about our T.R.I.P. app and our interactive rider tool METRO 360 [take a seat].

Media Hot Line 713.739.4040

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Kemah Boardwalk

Kemah-Boardwalk-23633Sometimes you just don’t have the time or money to visit Disney World or Universal and you want to have some fun in a great amusement park!

After all, this place was voted 2014 Local’s Choice Award Winner for Best Attraction and Best Place to Take a Visitor!

BWI_DuskSince this place is only twenty miles away from downtown Houston, why don’t you wake up a bit early and spend a day here, they even have amazing waterfront restaurants and well known retail stores so you can have some fun outside of the park too. One of the most well-known rides is the Boardwalk Bullet rollercoaster, why is it so cool? It’s almost made completely out of wood, crazy!

Before the summer ends don’t miss your chance to have some fun at the Kemah Boardwalk!

– Daniella Garcia-Loos (writer-contributor)

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Downtown Aquarium

11154843_10153385634372240_8252336661142784602_oSometimes don’t you just want to relax and look at the fishes?

It is the summer, and we live in one of the hottest places in the USA, who wouldn’t want to relax and get a tropical feeling while looking at various fishes and sea creatures, maybe touch some stingrays?

What better place to do this than in the six acre entertainment complex with 500,000-gallon aquatic wonderland?


This aquarium is home to over 200 species of aquatic life from all around the globe. They have a full-service restaurant, an upscale bar, a fully equipped ballroom, aquatic & geographic exhibits, shopping and a variety of amusements, this aquarium has everything you need!

1658668_10152244635702240_1679653499_oExhibit Hours of Operation

Monday-Thursday: 10am – 9pm

Friday & Saturday: 10am – 10:30pm

Sunday: 10am – 9pm


Restaurant Hours of Operation

Monday–Thursday: 11am – 9pm

Friday & Saturday: 11am – 10:30pm

Sunday: 11am – 9pm


Aquarium Adventure Exhibit

Adults $10.99 – Seniors (65+) $9.99

Children (under 42″) $7.99 – Children (under 2) FREE

Stingray Reef Entry$2.99

Food$2.50 – Value Pass*$4.99

*Includes Reef entry and fish food.



Shark Voyage $4.99 – Diving Bell Ferris Wheel $3.99

Aquatic Carousel$2.99 – Lighthouse Dive$3.99

Frog Hopper$3.99


Contact Information

410 Bagby St @ Memorial Dr.

Houston, TX 77002

713-223-FISH (3474) Main Line


– Daniella Garcia-Loos (writer-contributor)

Space Center Houston


Houston, we have a problem. You haven’t experienced Space Center Houston yet!

This isn’t just like going to a simple science museum; this is where the magic happens! The center features more than 400 space exhibits and attractions related to the future and past of America’s human space-flight program – all for one small admission price. You are sure to find something new every time you pass by, because there are new exhibits all the time, but your old favorites will probably still be there!


Since opening in 1992, Space Center Houston has welcomed more than 17 million visitors and currently takes in around 800,000 guests each year! When you are in the need for some space, check out Space Center Houston today!

For more information: http://spacecenter.org/

– Daniella Garcia-Loos (writer-contributor)

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Tradição Brazilian Steakhouse

Have you ever been to Brazil, or maybe you just want to eat at a good steakhouse? I have found the place for you!

1506027_10153017482383449_7859510779070381092_nThis steakhouse offers quality and the finest cut meats, when guests are seated they will be able to help themselves to a gourmet salad bar, once they finish their salad they will be able to eat 13+ succulent meats with about five sides. Isn’t that amazing?




This great place offers private dining rooms, catering, and an abundance of fantastic events just for you! They also have an extensive wine list and dessert list which I recommend you look at if you go!

IMG_8885Come on by and check this place out, after all it is just in the same city, don’t you want to eat exquisite gourmet meats here?

Tradição Brazilian Steakhouse

12000 SW Freeway, Meadows Place, TX 77477 | (281) 277-9292

201 West Bay Area Blvd, Webster, TX 77598 | (281) 557-9999




It’s the summer; pretty much everyone is on a summer break. Even if you don’t, you have siblings or kids. Drop on by the Children’s Museum of Houston today!

What makes this museum so special? First off it is the “America’s No. 1 Children’s Museum” by Parents magazine, the Winner of Nickelodeon Parents’ Picks Best Museum in Houston” 2009 & 2010, Click2Houston’s Best Museum” 2010, and the Citysearch.com nationwide 5-star children’s museum. Amazing, right?

CMH_Cyberchase-2-_700x700Since it was founded in 1980 by a group of Houston parents, this museum has done everything in its power to influence kids to learn while having fun, to involve kids in reading, science, math, culture, and social studies.

Overall I think this is a fantastic museum if you are under 12 years old or know someone between those ages, perhaps your kids or siblings. Check out the Children’s Museum of Houston this summer!

For more information: http://www.cmhouston.org/

Children’s Museum of Houston

1500 Binz, Houston, Texas 77004

Phone: (713) 522-1138



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Forbes Names Vlocity As A Next-Gen Disruptor in Sales and Customer Management In Addition to Being Named by Forbes to the Next Billion Dollar Companies List,...