Here’s Why You Should Be Interested In White Oils

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The so-called white oils are those whose application focuses on products that take direct contact with humans, so they require special safety features: they are obtained from paraffinic, mixed-base, or naphthenic fractions.

They are considered a highly refined mineral oil, essentially without color, odor or taste with a high degree of chemical stability.

White oils can be of two types:

1. Technical white oils. They are included in the cosmetic industry in: softeners and moisturizers (oils and cleansing milks, body lotions and creams, tanning lotions and lotions, lipsticks, powder makeup); products for children (shampoos, oils for children, bath oils); hair care products (hot oil treatments, gels, ointments for the scalp, etc.). Also, they are used as antiperspirants and bar deodorants.
2. Medicinal white oils. In the pharmaceutical industry, white oil has a high level of safety due to its high purity (absence of toxic polycyclic aromatic, heavy metals), the complete destruction of germs in the high temperature manufacturing process, and specific processes in the packaging and manipulation. It can be used as an auxiliary element in the production of pills and gelatin capsules.
White oils of the highest purity are free from unsaturated components and meet the standards
of the United States Pharmacopeia (USP).

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