Passion for Beauty and Make Up

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The secret to professional makeup is revealed! Anastassia Sfeir, one of the most renowned social media and makeup artists introduces her exclusive makeup collection to unveil your natural beauty

10440243_10154234891615228_2030655995405177778_nInterview:  Hi Anastassia, who are you?

I was born during the night of November 30th in Santiago de Chile. When I was just a little girl I came to live to Mexico city, I was a very creative child. In my early years I started to write songs, sing, write novels and immitate my mother while she was doing her makeup.

All my life I have felt a passion for beauty and make up. But also about our inner beauty, the most important of all.


When we are not happy with ourselves we project sadness outside. So it is very important to travel inside our soul and learn who we are. And it is a long journey.

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I would like you to be part of my life. Not only as a beauty guru but as a friend.

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