Honeymoon with Coffee Flavor

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We have a dry spot waiting for you….

11846569_1656715014543963_6779412233504929915_nThis isn’t a trick. Real life can be this beautiful.

Hot or cold, we have you covered. Our iced coffee goes through an overnight cold-brew steeping process to ensure the bean is never heated, which yields a smooth body with little bitterness. Every drop is worth the effort!

10464141_1510702979145168_2453202974607831014_nSkies are clear, the coffee is fresh, and we run breakfast and lunch all day. Ease into your weekend.

It’s brunch time!!!! You have 2 1/2 more hours to come and get this beauty of a brunch dish!!! French toast with praline bacon, bananas foster, and house-made whipped cream! Mmmmm….YUM!!

You know you want to come and see us today!!

300 Main St

Houston, Texas

(281) 846-6995