Your Security is Our Main Concern

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Houston Patrol: Your Security is Our Main Concern

Houston Patrol is a private security company that was founded on January, 2011 to serve the Houston metro area. Its owner, Jose Raul Salazar has always been a respectful, honest, and trustworthy person with strong ethical and moral beliefs. His passion for helping others sparked his motivation to enroll at the Police Academy, and afterwards begin his most cherished project.Houston Patrol Logo

joseHouston Patrol has a vast experience in providing security to all types of venues, such as private parties, trade shows, fashion shows, and arenas. They ensure that their security officers are prepared to deliver the highest level of professional service with all the expertise needed to be highly effective.

Houston Patrol strives to permanently provide caring, professional and trustworthy security service that promotes client confidence and adds value.

Every customer is unique, that is why they can adjust their services to fit your needs. In the future, the owner of Houston Patrol hopes to upgrade their services, like getting a custom patrol car to offer surveillance services for neighborhoods and events.

UntitledWhenever or wherever there is a security need, Houston Patrol should be your choice because your security is their main concern.

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