Endangered, exotic, extinct animals in Texas!

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You didn’t know that Texas had endangered, exotic or extinct animals?

What? Well you might be surprised to see some of these animals that live or used to live here. I’m not going to list all of them because there are hundreds for each category so I’m only going to put my favorites.



The HOUSTON TOAD is an endangered species that is also known as Bufo Houstonensis and was listed as endangered in 1970, dang.



I’m going to include two birds, because I think one will surprise you.

cutieThis cutie is called the piping plover and is known as Charadrius Melodus  to scientists.





eagleGASP! I didn’t know that bald eagles were here in Texas, but unfortunately they are still endangered, they are known as Haliaeetus Leucocephalus.






This weird thing is called the small tooth sawfish, creepy, and if you want you can call It Pristis Pectinate.





spiderGROSS! This monstrosity is called the tooth cave spider, and I’m glad it’s endangered; if you want you can call it Neoleptoneta Myopica.





mammalsThese adorable guys are known by you as West Indian Manatees, but if you really want to you can call them Trichechus Manatus, I’m kind of bummed out that they are endangered.

ursusOh my god, we have black bears too?!? This poor guy is the Ursus Americanus and is not common around here but can still be found.

I think this is it for the endangered animals, stay tuned for more soon, and leave some suggestions of what you want to see!

– Daniella Garcia-Loos (writer-contributor)