Uchi (ウチはヒューストンで最高の料理です)

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Uchi (best Japanese restaurant in town – ウチはヒューストンで最高の料理です)

Uchi1Every now and then you feel the urge to go out to a nice place to eat (or maybe you just need some suggestions of where to take your next date), either way I’m here to help. I’m going to show you guys the best restaurants in Houston.

Today I’m talking to you guys about a Japanese place I found around here called Uchi. They feature all of the amazing cuisine that you could find if you went to japan, in fact, they fly in seafood every day from the Fukuoka and Tsukiji markets in Japan, and you can just smell japan in their food. Their food has been featured all over the place from the Wall Street Journal to The New York Times, this restaurant has been everywhere!

Uchi%20Houston%20Restaurant%20by%20Michael%20Hsu_06_deloodThey even offer reservations for parties up to four people, if that doesn’t suit your fancy, you can still just walk-in because they leave most of their space open for walk-in guests anyway! They also offer a private dining room that has enough space for 26 people if you want to host a dinner party or a business dinner, and if you want to have a standing cocktail party you can invite 45 of your friends, amazing right? This place is so amazing that Forbes called it “The best sushi in Houston, and easily one of the top ten in America”, but their culinary talents don’t just make sushi, they take traditional Japanese dishes and make them unique with their own refreshing flavors of Houston. I hope you can visit this place when you get the chance, until the next time!

thumb_600You can find Uchi at:

904 Westheimer, Houston, TX 77006 – Phone: 713.522.4808

Sunday-Thursday: 5pm-10pm / Friday-Saturday: 5pm-11pm


by Daniella Garcia-Loos (writer-contributor)


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