Luxury Paitilla

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Where is Paitilla?

Paitilla is on the Eastern side of the Panama Bay on a point jutting out surrounded by Pacific water.

What are the Homes Like in Paitilla?

Paitilla is densely developed with expensive, luxury high rises with pools, gyms, social areas and with balconies to take advantage of the ocean and city views, and multimillion dollar mansions with Ocean and City View. This is a very exclusive neighborhood with some of the highest real estate values in all of Panama.

What is the Neighborhood Vibe in Paitilla?

This is a neighborhood filled with some of the fanciest cars driving around and parked in the garages. This neighborhood is a driving culture, not many residents walk unless it’s for exercising, and most of them are members of the gym or use their luxury building’s gym equipment. There are a lot of families in this neighborhood that you can catch a glimpse of in the afternoons at the park or in some of the small restaurants, boutiques, and stores throughout Paitilla.

panama2What Amenities are close by Paitilla?

Within Paitilla one can find various hospitals, clinics, shopping areas, supermarkets, gyms, specialty food stores including a full scale kosher food supermarket, restaurants, home improvement stores, hotels, and synagogues. The Union Club, a very elite city club, is situated along the water in Paitilla adding value to the neighborhood.

What is the weather like in the Paitilla Neighborhood?

Paitilla’s streets are lined with gorgeous tall trees and plants providing some shade for a cooler temperature. Also, many of the condos with ocean views enjoy a cooler ocean breeze.

What Makes Living in Paitilla Unique?

Living in Paitilla is very comfortable. The buildings are fairly new, with high end apartment amenities, and are very close to Punta Pacifica Hospital and both Multicentro and Multiplaza Malls. This neighborhood is also unique because of its high density of a prosperous Jewish population with multiple Synagogues throughout the neighborhood.


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