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Unleashing Mobility Upon the Oil and Gas Industry

At a time of softening oil prices, the need to improve business processes and the efficiency of the organization has never been more pressing. One of the key ways that operators and contractors alike are discovering that this is possible is through mobile device usage, both within field operations and across the rest of the enterprise.

As the mobile IT industry shifts away from marketing applications and into enterprise apps designed for internal workflow, there is great opportunity for the oil and gas industry to take advantage. Enterprise mobility has been proven to help improve communication and collaboration among team members, rapidly delivering actionable information to the point of decision and increasing efficiency.

In a recent survey conducted by Oil and Gas IQ, of CIOs in the oil and gas industry, mobile technology was number 2 of the top ten priorities, and 55% of respondents felt it would greatly enhance their operations, however only 16% have employed a mobility strategy so far. We stand at the beginning of the implementation drive as currently only 1/3 of the top 50 oil and gas enterprises currently have apps.

*source ChaiONE

Key Topics to be addressed this year include:

  • How mobile device usage can help to cut costs and improve efficiency across the organization at a time of softening oil prices
  • Creating the business case and obtaining sign off for mobile device implementation and management
  • Customizing and deploying mobile applications across the enterprise for each part of your mobile workforce
  • Exploring the specific applications and challenges associated with oil and gas mobility implementation
  • Managing connectivity issues when providing access to real time data in the field
  • Smartphone vs. ruggedized devices: Which technology is most suitable for your remote or mobile workforce?
  • Enhancing the integrated operations of the digital oilfield. Connecting remote workers and streamlining workflow

To successfully achieve, develop and improve your company mobility strategy, we are proud to announce that the Oil and Gas Mobility Summit – the first and only event of its kind in North America – will be returning to Houston this May. This is a must attend event, for those eager to reach operational excellence!

As companies are dragged by the mobility drive, CIOs need to focus on key strategies:

  • Choosing the devices and platforms, enabling for broad adoption and needed hardening
  • Building a secure environment for mobility and re-architecting the enterprise architecture to integrate mobility solutions
  • Putting into place the device policies and governance to support mobility
  • Developing the mobility solutions, the connectors and interfaces
  • Administering a Center Of Excellence and a delivery model, integrating the 3rd parties mobile and information system
  • Maintaining and managing the mobile applications portfolio
  • Dealing with cultural change within the workforce, and ensuring the backing of management

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